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While the adoption of cutting-edge commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies has become an essential driver, fueling new innovations within the space industry, it's vital to understand the inherent issues for COTS—ranging from quality, reliability, and radiation susceptibility—and acknowledge the gaps that remain. The upscreening process, including radiation testing, is complex and costly. It often demands multidisciplinary expertise and outsourcing to specialists, further increasing expenses. The total upscreening costs can approach or even surpass that of utilizing RadHard components.  Our goal is to bridge this gap by offering radiation-qualified commercial and automotive-grade devices. Zero-G Devices includes a suite of microelectronic components with the following characteristics: radiation tolerant, high reliability, high performance, compact form factor, and cost-effectiveness. With decades of expertise in qualifying and upscreening components across a spectrum of space missions, we stand uniquely positioned to become a trusted partner for your next project.

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