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Radiation Tolerant & HiRel, plastic encasuplated, NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

RBN50M1A is a general purpose PNP bipolar junction transistor (BJT) designed for amplifier applications. The device features automotive-grade reliability, and is up-screened to a total-ionizing (TID) of 50 krad.

Breakdown voltage (BVCEO):
50 V
Saturation voltage (VCEsat):
0.6 V
Continuous current (IC)
0.5 A
Reliability Grade:
Qualified to AEC-Q101 Standards
Total-Ionizing Dose:
Tested to 50 krad(Si)
SC-59 molded plastic

Notice: This part is rated Pb-free and ROHS compliant.

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